Equality and Diversity

Equality & Diversity Statement

Howell-Jones LLP is committed to encouraging equality of opportunity and respect for diversity and preventing discrimination. It intends to treat everyone equally and with dignity, courtesy and respect regardless of their disability, sex, gender, age, race, racial group, colour, ethnic or national origin, nationality, religion or belief, sexual orientation, marriage or civil partnership status, or any other personal characteristic.


We value and embrace the diversity of all our staff who come from different backgrounds, experiences, cultures and ages.  Diversity is essential to reflect the society we work for today:

  • It helps us to attract and retain the best staff
  • It also enables us to understand and meet clients' needs more effectively
  • It helps us to provide a better quality of service

The Law Society Diversity and Inclusion Charter

We are a signatory of The Law Society Diversity and Inclusion Charter


We provide equality and diversity training to all our staff on an annual basis.

Working arrangements

26% of our staff work part-time with many others working non-standard flexible hours (earlier or later starts).

Diversity Statistics

We encourage all staff to complete an optional diversity questionnaire.

Of the  total staff at the firm, 54 completed the questionnaire in March 2015.  This represents 70 % of employees.  The results of our survey for March 2015 are set out below:

  • Age and gender

72.2% of the respondents are female27.8 % of the respondents are male

Age Range                                   Percentage of
16-24             5.6  %
25-34            20.4 %
35-44            27.8 %
45-54            25.9 %
55-64            18.5 %
65+            1.8   %
  • Ethnicity

Howell Jones understands the importance of a multicultural environment and work force and the positive effects it brings to our firm and clients.

Asian / Asian British                                                   8%        
Black / Black British 0%
Mixed / Multiple ethnic groups 2%
White 88%
Other ethnic group  0%
Preferred not to say 2%
  • Faith
No religion or belief   20.4%
Buddhist 0%
Christian 61%
Hindu 3.7%
Jewish 1.9%
Muslim 0%
Sikh 1.9%
Any other religion or belief 5.6%
Preferred not to say 5.6%
  • Disability and caring responsibilities

Do you consider yourself to have a disability according to  the definition in the Equality Act?

Yes                                                                  3.7%  
No 94.4%
Preferred not to say 1.9%

Do you look after, or give help or support to family members, neighbours or others? If so for how many hours a week?

No                                                                  76% 
Yes, 1 - 19 hours a week 18.5%
Yes, 20 - 49 hours a week 1.9%
Yes, 50 or more hours a week 0%
Preferred not to say 3.7%
  • Education 
UK State School                                              70.4%  
UK independent / Fee paying school 14.8%
Attended school outside the UK 11.1%
Preferred not to say 3.7%

If you went to University were you the first generation of your family to do so?

Did not attend university                                 38.9% 
Yes, I was the first 29.6%
I attended but was not the first 25.6%
Preferred not to say  5.6%
  • Sexual Orientation
Bisexual                                                       0%
Gay man 0%
Gay woman / Lesbian 0%
Heterosexual / straight 94%
Other 0%
Prefer not to say 6%