Property development / refurbishment checklist

If you are buying a property with a view to developing or refurbishing it, or buying a recently refurbished property, you need to make sure:

  • you can carry out the work you want to carry out, and
  • the seller has complied with the requisite obligations.

Your checklist

Legal title

  • do you need to obtain any body's permission to carry out works?
  • are there any restrictions on the work you wish to carry out?
  • can you access the land for the works or is access limited?

Utility restrictions

  • are there any utility pipes that affect the property?
  • water supply.
    • If there are public drains or mains near to the property, you may not be able to build at all, or must obtain permission.
    • With the change in responsibility for private drains in 2012, pipes that were previously private may now be public and any proposed works subject to the utility company’s consent.
  • electricity or gas pipes may affect the ability to undertake works.


  • is planning permission required?
  • is building control required?
  • are specialist permissions required eg listed building or conservation consent.


New buildings, or newly converted buildings, require a warranty.

  • The provision of a warranty is usually a mortgage requirement, but even if you are not purchasing with a mortgage, any future sale may involve mortgage finance.

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