Moving checklist

The following list may prove useful in organising your move.  Booking a removal company should be arranged when contracts have been exchanged.



Book removal firm or storage


Book overnight stay at hotel (if necessary)


Check insurance cover


Book electrician, plumber, carpet fitter


Order change of address cards or labels


Arrange for baby sitter / pet minder


Notify the electricity board to read meters


Notify gas board to arrange disconnection / re-connection


Notify phone company for final bill and arrange phone for new home


Notify town hall in new and old areas for payment of council tax


Notify water authorities in new and old areas for refund / demand


Request Post Office to re-direct mail


Inform the following of change of address


Employer / DSS Office


Bank / building society / Post Office


Credit card company


Life motoring and contents insurance company


Driver vehicle licensing centre


TV Licensing Authority


Cable TV / broadband internet provider


Security alarm company


Premium Bonds office


National saving certificates office


Hire purchase companies