Personal injury - be careful what you claim for

Our specialist Personal Injury and Clinical Negligence Team act successfully on many cases.  They are keen to pay particular attention to detail and ensure that what is claimed is properly recoverable. The need for this strict approach has been underlined by the recent (2018) decision in Reynolds v One Stop Stores.

The claim was originally presented for £300,000 but then as it progressed brought down in value.  In fact the Claimant ultimately settled at £50,000 at the door of court.  On looking at the Claimant's costs the court initially said that normally £115,000 would be reasonable for the work that had been undertaken to reach trial.  The court then however revised the figure, on the basis that the £115,000 was disproportionate to the true claim value of £50,000.  The court reduced the £115,000 costs award to £75,000.  On the one hand therefore the Claimant achieved an award of £50,000 but this was largely extinguished by the loss of costs of £40,000. 

Please do feel free to call and speak to our specialist personal injury expert lawyers.  They will make sure you have a solid case in terms of both responsibility for the injury and level of compensation sought.