The Association of Personal Injury Lawyers

The Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (“APIL”) is a “not-for-profit” campaign organisation that fights for the rights of injured people.

Howell-Jones LLP is an Accredited Practice of APIL.  The lawyers in our Personal Injury and Clinical Negligence team are both individually accredited by APIL, Domini David is accredited as a Senior Litigator and Chloe Baxter is accredited as a Litigator.  This means they have applied to APIL for accreditation and demonstrated that they have the required level of experience and expertise to be accredited.

APIL are active in seeking the best for injured people and run regular campaigns aimed at helping to improve the lives of injured people.  Further details can be found on APIL’s website:

Domini and Chloe are proud to be members of and accredited by APIL and continue to provide specialist advice to injured people.  They understand that when you or a member of your family have suffered an injury as a result of an accident or due to negligent medical treatment, it can be upsetting and stressful. 

Domini and Chloe can personally guide you through the claims process by supporting and advising you from start to finish. They will give you the best possible advice with a view to maximising the amount of compensation you receive.  They can also give you advice about rehabilitation to help aid your recovery.

Please contact our Personal Injury team today for a telephone conversation or a free, preliminary meeting.