Legal firm moves to the cloud for greater security, productivity and control

At Howell Jones we strive to put our clients’ happiness first by continually making improvements to all aspects of our expert law firm. Our outstanding success over the past 35 years has resulted in a steady growth through acquisitions and we now boast over 80 staff specialising in a great range of services. To improve flexibility, scalability and productivity for our network of legal professionals located across our eight offices in London and the South East of England, we engaged AspiraCloud to implement a cutting-edge Microsoft cloud solution.

Constantly keeping our clients in mind, our new IT systems will provide remote access to applications and case management files resulting in increased service quality, while rigorously meeting the compliance standards set by our regulatory body. Here we look at the need for the AspiraCloud solution and highlight the importance and added benefits of these new systems. 

Keeping Up-to-Date

It’s important that our expert lawyers have every detail and document they need to hand to provide a comprehensive range of high quality legal services. Identifying the need to update our software and hardware systems we commissioned an independent IT review to keep our services running to their full potential. We had noticed restricted remote access to integral systems meant our lawyers were limited to their working office environment. We were also faced with unnecessary complexity and costly systems management and our risk and data security solutions had room for improvement.

At Howell Jones our biggest concern is data security so we had reservations about moving data to a third-party location.  However, Microsoft partners, AspiraCloud, demonstrated their robust security measures and compliance to the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) when creating our new cloud solution.

Microsoft Cloud Solution

The solution to the challenges we faced was presented by AspiraCloud in the form of a new solution blueprint in the Microsoft cloud. The new improved Howell Jones IT systems consist of a virtual server environment within Microsoft Azure and the Office 365 range of productivity applications. By introducing these applications, including OneDrive for Business and Power BI, we have simplified our IT infrastructure, delivering significant cost savings, improvements in productivity and ensuring greater levels of control and data protection. 

New Surface Pro4 machines, powered by Windows 10, now provide some of our lawyers with easy access to files and applications enabling them to work freely outside of the office. OneDrive for Business enables selected files and documents to be shared with clients and partners outside of the business in secure ‘groups’, enhancing internal and external collaboration.

The use of Microsoft cloud has given us increased confidence in our business, more control and added flexibility so we can continue to provide outstanding levels of service and expand into new niche areas of law.

You can read the full Microsoft article and find out more about our newly improved IT solutions here.