Is Mediation right for you and your family?

Here’s some of the key points to help you decide whether mediation is right for you and your family

Our specialist family law team offers family mediation as a cost effective and practical way of resolving your family issues.
Here’s some of the key points to help you decide whether mediation is right for you and your family.

What is Mediation? 
Mediation is where both you and your ex-partner meet with an independent, professionally qualified mediator who is able to facilitate you reaching an agreement on a range of issues such as finances and children arrangements.
Mediation helps you sort out disputes without the need for lengthy and expensive court proceedings. The mediator allows both of you to air your concerns and priorities in order to reach an agreement.
How does the Mediation process work?
The first meeting will be with our Mediator and is often called a Mediation Information & Assessment Meeting (MIAM). Both of you will need to attend this meeting separately.
After the first meeting, if you all agree that Mediation is right for you and your family, you will have your first joint session.

Mediation works. It is an effective means of dispute resolution for any sort of family dispute as it provides a safe environment in which you both can gain understanding, become understood, and work together to explore options for resolution.
It also allows you both the opportunity to come to a practical solution suitable for your family. It also enables you to determine what is important and ultimately the outcome of the situation.
Time and cost is also an advantage of mediation as there are no drawn-out court battles which helps you both move on with your lives as quickly as possible.
Clients generally find that you benefit from a better quality settlement through mediation than one imposed by the court. This is because you are more likely to adhere to an agreement reached independently rather than one imposed on you through Court proceedings. This is coupled with the added benefit of avoiding a “win-lose” and “lose-lose” outcome which can be associated with Court proceedings.

 How many sessions will I need?  
Most cases reach agreement between three-five sessions.
What next?
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